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Worlds of adventure and wonder await!

My name is JD Cowan and I am a writer of the weird fascinated with the light. I have written many books and have been in a number of magazines and anthologies both with stories and essays of the bizarre and the exciting.

I am the writer of the best-selling Pulp Mindset, the weird adventure stories of Grey Cat Blues, Brutal Dreams, and Y Signal, as well as the Gemini Man series, on top of the controversial Last Fanatics which traces a lot of the damage done to wonder stories over the years. I also have works in Cirsova and StoryHack magazines as well as the Sidearm & Sorcery and Planetary Anthology series of anthologies.

Action and adventure are my primary fascinations which has rolled over into the Cannon Cruisers podcast with a friend of mine. We have covered over 200 movies over the years, and it has been a blast sharing our finds.

The neocities page is meant to be a place where one can easily find the books I worked on in one place.

- Works -

- Books -

  • Knights of the End
  • Grey Cat Blues
  • Someone Is Aiming for You & Other Adventures
  • The Pulp Mindest: A NewPub Survival Guide
  • Brutal Dreams
  • The Last Fanatics: How the Genre Wars Killed Wonder
  • Y Signal
  • Gemini Warrior [Gemini Man Book 1]
  • Gemini Drifter [Gemini Man Book 2]
  • Gemini Outsider [Gemini Man Book 3]
  • Gemini Destroyer: An Epilogue [Gemini Man Book 4]
  • Two Adventures Across Eternity
  • Star Wanderers
  • - Others -

  • Generation Y: The New Lost Generation (with Brian Niemeier and David V. Stewart) [FREE DOWNLOAD!]
  • Gemini Man: The Complete Series Omnibus (Physical Only!)

  • - List of published short stories -

    1. Someone is Aiming for You
    2. Lucky Spider's Last Stand
    3. Under Suspicion in Summerside
    4. Inside the Demon's Eye
    5. Knives in the Night
    6. Cold Heart of Ouranos
    7. Judgement Sun
    8. Black Dog Bend
    9. Endless Nights in Villain City
    10. Last Exit to Shadow City
    11. When the Sunset Turns Red
    12. Duel on Dalpha
    13. Mad Wind
    14. Golden Echoes
    15. Living Land
    16. Dead Planet Drifter
    17. Ghost of a Distant Star
    18. City Eater
    19. Three Gifts of the White Wolf
    20. Mirage Carousal
    21. Armageddon Spring
    22. Cold Finger Girl
    23. Midnight Machineguns
    24. Slow Death on San Sebastian
    25. What's It Like in There?

    - Series -

    All of my stories connect together in some way, but it is not explicit nor is it necessary for enjoyment. Feel free to read any of them in any order you want, but below are the stories directly related to each other.

    Magic City Mayhem

    Stories of the Magic City of Summerside, hundreds of years after an unnamed apocalypse and the rise of both magic and world-ending abilities in humans. This story cycle follows heroes piercing the dark of the uncertain world and trying to build a brighter tomorrow.


    1. Someone is Aiming for You
    2. Endless Nights in Villain City
    3. Under Suspicion in Summerside
    4. Knives in the Night
    5. Last Exit to Shadow City
    6. Lucky Spider's Last Stand
    7. When the Sunset Turns Red

    *All stories are compiled in Someone Is Aiming for You & Other Adventures*

    Night Rhythms

    On a distant planet centuries after man has traveled the stars, there exists a backwater world forgotten by progress. There where ships pass by for refueling and little else exists a rockabilly band traveling the back roads. Though they hope to revive this ancient musical style they are faced with insurmountable odds given to them by the intangible darkness hiding underneath this unassuming world's surface. Earth might be far away, but there are some things that transcend space and time!


    1. Mad Wind
    2. Black Dog Bend
    3. Living Land

    *More to come!*

    Galactic Enforcer

    The universe is a wild untamed frontier where both good and evil flow freely between the worlds, and the spaces in between reality itself. Ronan Renfield is a Galactic Enforcer, a space cop from an order renowned for its sense of Justice. He travels the vast chasm of the galaxy seeking signals of distress--though not always from the places anyone might suspect. With his revolver and his fists, he plunges into the darkness. But will that be enough to combat what hides in the abyss?


    1. Dead Planet Drifter
    2. Golden Echoes
    3. Cold Finger Girl
    4. Midnight Machineguns
    5. Ghost of a Distant Star

    *More to come!*

    *Stories 1-4 compiled in Star Wanderers*

    Star Wanderer

    He has no name or known origin, a swordsman with blade of fire and a hair of gold that arrives from nowhere and disappears back into it before you know it. Simply known as The Agent, his mission to scorch that which flames cannot touch is undefined. Just what does he hope to find in places that have already allowed themselves to die?


    1. Cold Heart of Ouranos
    2. Armageddon Spring
    3. Judgement Sun
    4. Slow Death on San Sebastian

    *All stories compiled in Star Wanderers!*

    Gemini Man

    Set in the world of Heroes Unleashed, and as relayed by Thomas Plutarch, this is the story of the Gemini Man! Join Matthew White and Jason Vermilion as they are given ancient artifacts that thrust them into the world of heroes. Now they must traverse unfamiliar worlds, fight uncompromising villains, and face magic of the like no one has yet seen before. This is the story of Castor and Pollux, the two warriors who would become the Gemini Man!


    1. Gemini Warrior
    2. Gemini Drifter
    3. Gemini Outsider
    4. Gemini Destroyer

    *All 4 books are compiled in Gemini Man: The Complete Series omnibus*

    What's It Like in There?

    At the end of the modern age, something is going wrong, something that can't be described or quantified beyond vague stories of jumping in the night and madness after dark. What is waiting to devour the innocent and put an end to the world of man? Can anyone stop the insanity?


    1. City Eater
    2. Mirage Carousal
    3. What's It Like in There?

    *More to come!*

    - Pocket Paperback Editions -

    I've long maintained that adventure stories are meant to be shared long and far and with as many people as possible. This is what made them work so well as both campfire material and for general oral communication. It only stands to reason that the best way to carry this forward in the physical format is in paperback form, but one paperback style in particular.

    As a result of the above, I've always thought the Pocket Paperback form was the perfect format for adventure tales and portability. Unfortunately, not only has the old publishing industry left them to die, their books are far too long and overstuffed to fit. That said, I have recently taken to Lulu in order to make Pocket Paperback editions of my own.

    You can find the complete list of them here.

  • Two Adventures Across Eternity
  • The Pulp Mindset
  • Grey Cat Blues
  • Y Signal
  • Brutal Dreams
  • Knights of the End
  • The Last Fanatics: Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3
  • Someone is Aiming for You & Other Adventures: Volume 1, and Volume 2
  • *Under Construction!*